200-HEP-A6Z Ex FIX

The 200-HEP-A6Z EX FIX it is the fix application for in hazardous area of the high energy module 200-HEP-A6Z.

This module is used to ignite a number of oil/gas burners, and it could be installed on a frame support in hazardous area.

Each module is stand alone, indipendent and dedicate to it own ignitor: it is possible to have in one ATEX enclosure more than one module to ignite all the ignitors of one system.

High energy ignitor is suitable for igniting the heavier oils, particulary where gas is not available or permitted by regulations, or where a high degree of reliability is essential, e. g. for flare stacks, sulphur plants, or high pressure combustion chamber burners.

The enclosure is certified Ex d IIC IP65, and it is available with window on the top.

Applications made with 200-HEP-A6Z Ex FIX