Rea Dalmine is an Incinerator under the green holding group.

REA DALMINE manages the ITR NOY 400 waste-to-energy plant located in Dalmine (BG), consisting of two independent lines capable of disposing of up to 250 t / day of waste each.

ITR NOY 400 is considered a reference plant for waste-to-energy in the national and European landscape thanks to its qualifying points, infact it guarantees emissions to the chimney with very low pollutant values, reduced on average by 80% compared to the limits of the European legislation, thanks to its innovative fume treatment line

Luxsolar inslatted in year 2000 the AWL Aircraft Warning light MIOL type A with with colour for day and night mode. The system is totally without any kind of maintenance. 

Date: 18 December 2018
Category: Industrial Plant

Via Dossi,, 12
24044 dalmine