2019 - 30 YEARS OF C&E GROUP

Publication: 17 March 2019

Over 22 million people in 2015 saw the red light stand out on the Tree of Life during the Milan Expo. Its luminous beaming systems accompanied the training of the super champions of Europe and Real Madrid. Since 1988, the C&E Group has made the way and now in December 2018, the Lombardy company is preparing to extinguish its first thirty candles.

An important and significant result for a company known, by the will of Vincenzo Di Giovine, as a small family-run company in the Oil&Gas sector, Combustion and Energy S.r.l. as a manufacturer of automation, ignition and control systems for burners and flares. Today, with various brands and spinoffs, the brands of the C&E Group are known all over the world, which is looking in a strong and focused way towards the future.

Working for years in the Oil&Gas sector, says CEO Vincenzo Di Giovine, we realized the growing need for reliable and innovative lighting systems for industrial and potentially explosive areas. From this intuition in 2005 the LUXSOLAR brand was created, which in just over 10 years established itself as a world leader in LED aeronautical signaling devices. Its lights can be seen on the 2007 Reggio Emilia Calatrava bridge inaugurated in 2007, on the Algiers Mosque in the province of Algiers (the third largest mosque in the world), in the Greenland heliports, or on the bridges through the Bosporus and the Vertical Garden, just to cite a few examples.

The extra drive in comparison to the many competitors has been the constant search for innovative and cutting-edge products. Hence the dozens of patents filed that have brought jobs mainly from the foreign market. Since 2018 VDGLAB S.r.l. has been created, as its own research and development company which aims to implement the wide range of existing products.

But after thirty years, the CEO Vincenzo Di Giovine decided to entrust the growth of the group to the second generation leaving it to his son Alfonso Di Giovine, current sales manager and production manager and to Maria Cristina Di Giovine responsible for the quality and security of the company.

Here is the reason to entrust the new generations to continue in the race which sees us involved in the realization of the common tomorrow, continues Vincenzo Di Giovine. After 70 years we must give up the helm to let new forces give the best and allow the project to reach many goals.