Talara, Peru’s second biggest oil refinery base on production, is located less than 2km away from Lima, the capital of Peru.

The refinery has a crude oil processing capacity of more than 65,000 barrels per day and it produces domestic LPG, motor gasoline, solvents, A-1 turbo, diesel, kerosene, industrial oils and asphalt for national and international markets. A modernisation and upgrade project was launched at the refinery in May 2014 and it is aimed at increasing the refinery’s crude oil processing capacity from the existing 65,000bpd to 95,000bpd.

LUXSOLAR for this project has provided in 2016 AWL systems suitable for hazardous area with MIOL-AB beacons (20.000cd white flashing during day and 2.000cd red flashing during night) and in 2019 it has been chosen again for the supply of another AWL system suitable for hazardous area composed by LIOL-A beacons (low intensity 10cd red steady for night mode) for new built chimneys.


Date: 09 February 2016
Category: Petrochemical