The Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, also known as "Third Bosphorus Bridge" and opened on 26 August 2016, is one of the three Istanbul bridges that in Turkey cross the Bosphorous strait and that connect Europe with Asia.

This is a suspended cable-stayed bridge, its total lenght is 2.164m with a span of 1.408m and the towers are 322m high. In the cable-stayed bridges category the Third Bosphorous Bridge is the largest in the world with a total width of 59m.

LUXSOLAR for this project has provided, due to the height of the towers, LED High Intensity Aircraft Warning Lights (200.000cd white flashing during the day, 20.000cd white flashing during the twilight and 2.000cd white flashing during the night), and it has also faced and resolved the problem of reduced space on towers for AWLs. Additionally the beacons installed on European and Asian side, thanks to LUXSOLAR's know-how, can flash synchronized without the use of interconnecting cables.

Date: 22 October 2018
Category: Bridges

Yavuz Sultan Selim Köprüsü ve Kuzey Çevre Otoyolu İşletmesi
34450 Sarıyer / İstanbul,