The Great Belt Bridge, in Danish: Storebæltsbroen, is an example of complex engineering. The structure has a total length of 6.790m and its pylons have an height of 254 metres each.

The purpose of this huge structure is to be an alternative to ferries as way of transport.

LUXSOLAR and its partner Avimar ApS worked hard for this project, supplying a complete system of Aircraft Warning Lights composed of High Intensity Lights.

Not only the numbers of the structure are huge, but also the numbers of this lighting system LUXSOLAR branded:

- 200.000 candelas emitted by lights during day mode

- 38 lights provided 

- 5 levels of lights per each pylon 

- 2 main control panels 

We are very proud of this project!

Date: 04 October 2018
Category: Bridges

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